The Third Kyoto Symposium on Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing with Applications in Human Genetics – March 19th-20th, 2015

Thursday, March 19

10:00 – 10:10

Opening remark

Fumihiko Matsuda (Kyoto University, Japan)

10:10 – 10:25

Introductory remark

Mark Lathrop (McGill University & Quebec Innovation Center, Canada)

Session I: Bioinformatics and Statistical Methods in Genomic Studies (Chairperson: Mark Lathrop)

10:25 – 11:00

Gene-based Association Testing using Functional Linear Models

Daniel E. Weeks (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

11:00 – 11:35

eQTL Mapping Identify Insertion and Deletion Specific eQTLs in Multiple Tissues

Liming Liang (Harvard School of Public Health, USA)

11:35 – 12:10

Epigenetic Regulation by Pro-inflammatory Transcription Factors: candidate gene prioritization at GWAS loci

David Langlais (McGill University, Canada)

12:10 – 13:30

Lunch break

Session II: Genomic Analysis of Human Complex Diseases (Chairperson: Guillaume Bourque)

13:30 – 14:05

Genes and Gene-environment Interactions in Asthma: recent advances and new challenges

Florence Demenais (Université Paris Diderot, France)

14:05 – 14:40

GWAS and Beyond: understanding the disease mechanisms of SLE through integrative data analysis

Wanling Yang (University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

14:40 – 15:15

Exploring Molecular Bases of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Shoji Tsuji (The University of Tokyo, Japan)

15:15 – 15:35

Coffee break

Session III: Short Talks (Chairperson: Daniel E. Weeks)

15:35 – 15:55

Pharmacogenomics of Statin Therapy: insights into efficacy and safety

Jemma Hopewell (University of Oxford, UK)

15:55 – 16:15

Omics Analysis to Identify Biological Markers for Antibody Production Introduced by Seasonal Influenza Vaccination

Maiko Narahara (Kyoto University, Japan)

16:15 – 16:35

Novel Family-Control Analysis to Prioritize Sequence Variants in Familial Cardiomyopathy

Atsuko Imai (Osaka University, Japan)

16:35 – 16:55

Detecting Multi-way Epistasis in Family-based Association Studies

Audrey Grant (Institut Pasteur, France)

Session IV: Special Lecture (Chairperson: Fumihiko Matsuda)

16:55 – 17:30

De novo Assembly of the First Human Diploid Genome with Single-molecule Sequencing for Asian Genome Project

Jeong-Sun Seo (Seoul National University, Korea)

Friday, March 20

Session V: Application of Genomics to Human Health Promotions (Chairperson: Joseph Terwilliger)

10:00 – 10:35

UK Biobank: a large prospective cohort study for the investigation of the causes of common diseases

Samantha Murphy (UK Biobank, UK)

10:35 – 11:10

Systems Biology of Stem Cells

Huck Hui Ng (Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore)

11:10 – 11:45

Understanding Interactions in Complex Trait: the malaria story

Anavaj Sakuntabhai (Institut Pasteur, France)

11:45 – 12:20

Bioinformatics and Genetics: a good combination for drug discovery?

Philippe Sanseau (GlaxoSmithKline, UK)

12:20 –

Closing remark

Jurg Ott (Chinese Academy of Sciences, PRC & Rockefeller University, USA)